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Also called ‘Mercatique’ in French.
Marketing are actions that allow us to understand, predict and stimulate consumer demand for goods and services and to adapt production and sales to these specific needs.

The purpose of Marketing 

The purpose is to analyze and influence the needs of your consumers in order to adapt the offer and develop sales. 
You will therefore have to outperform your competitors’ strategies and outperform the products you have previously sold.

What is a product ?

It’s a asset or service that the company sells.

Which allows, the Marketing creation and supply of the product to consumers, to meet their identified needs.
It is the strategic positioning of the brand in terms of image, price, target customers.

The product is a fundamental element of the Marketing Mix
Which we call the 7P’s: 
• Price
• Promotion
• Physical Evidence
• People
• Process
• Place


What strategy to have ?

The most important thing is to know where you stand in the market.
And therefore know:
• The concept or basic principle of your product
    – The need that will bring to your consumers.
    – Know if it corresponds to the demand of your market.
• The characteristics of your product (how it is used)
• The physical or virtual features, whether it is the design, the packaging, the logo, the brand, the standards, the labels etc.

It is important that your product stands out from the competition.

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