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Have you ever wondered what the term sourcing means, a term that we hear everywhere, quite complicated to understand and sometimes difficult to explain?

Sourcing in a few words

This is an English word, used in the french vocabulary as ‘Sourçage’, which designates the search for a supplier or a candidate in the field of purchasing, human resources and computer services (IT), that is to say, ‘procurement’ in English.

The purpose ? It is to find someone to partner with, someone who will propose the product that we wishes at the best price. So we aim to do the research and evaluation of manufacturers, as well as the negotiation of prices for a product.

We can say that sourcing is a Marketing method.

And a supplier, what is it ?

It is a person or organization that usually provides certain products to individuals or businesses.


Searching for suppliers

As you can imagine, the strategy will be to find THE ideal supplier that corresponds to the needs of your company.
We will first choose the place where we want to be supplied, which will allow us to analyze the distance, the costs and delivery times as well as the quality of the product or service and the proposed rates so that it corresponds to your budget.

Getting in touch

The point of the contact is to establish a first dialogue with the supplier. Thereafter, it will allow to negotiate the price of the product so that it is profitable for you, but also advantageous for him. This will help to have a relationship of trust with the wholesaler and thus to be able to contact him again for other requests.

What JLCH Développement offers

JLCH Développement does not only take care of product sourcing and choosing the ideal suppliers. We take care of the storage and logistics of your product. And above all, we offer to manage the entire preparation of the finished product. Among which, a personalized packaging of the product, the graphic charter for the consumers to be seduced by the image of your brand. And finally, we also offer you a presentation video of the product and box displays. 
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