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There are several ways to import your products when the products come from far away countries, the most common ways are, import by sea and import by air.

What is importation?

It is the fact of bringing products into a country, by submitting or not to customs tariffs.
It consists in buying products in a foreign countries.

Importing by air

This means of transport is used for long distances and short delivery times. It is 10 times more expensive than sea transport and is used for fast deliveries such as electronic materials, clothes etc.

However, there are 3 solutions in air transport:
All-cargo air transport: This is an air transport that takes only goods, the costs are given to the airline.
Passenger air transport: This is a method where the goods are put in the holds of airplanes carrying passengers. The modalities are the same as those of the ‘all-cargo transport’. And the delay is therefore faster.
Multimodal transport: This is the most recommended method. It is ideal for companies that do not want to wait for the delay of sea transport and do not have the budget for air freight. It maximizes the air and sea methods. It optimizes time and cost.


Importation by ship

This means, can transport goods of several tons. The advantage is to be able to import bulky parcels, over long distances at low prices. Indeed, the delivery time will be longer, it can take 30 days when the packages come from Asia.

Several solutions exist:
The full container: capacity of 20 or 40 feet
The bundling: The sending of small batches which will be grouped with goods of other companies. The cost is lower than the ‘full container’ method.
Combined service: This is the method that combines transport by ship and by air.

There are several companies that deal with importation, however JLCH Développement also takes care of it.


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