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To be transparent with our customers, we share with you the process of creating a product.


First of all, we are going to do supplier sourcing, therefore benchmark the different factories for the realization of the product. Then we will compare the suppliers.
Once we have found the right supplier, we will negotiate the price of the product and finally we will receive a sample of the product to validate it and go to production.


It is the management of the factories which take care of the production of the products, but also, the importation thus the follow-up of the creation of the product, to optimize the costs, JLCH Développement takes care of the storage and the logistics of the product.

Upstream, there is a development of a marketing strategy with the customer, to know his needs in terms of communication in order to propose the best possible service.


It is the realization of a visual identity of the product, the design of the personalized packaging according to the customer and its desires and finally the legal mentions.

Video production

This consists of making a presentation video of the product, which will then be published on the web, especially on social networks. And finally, the video can also be present in selling points. 

Design of display boxes

It’s the design of a product rack for the stores, where we will also find the teaser video and finally the POS.


TV spot

For this, we need a validation by the ARPP and a distribution of this campaign to our collaborators.

As one of our products, the Fix2Win, the product of our customers can be found in the major retailers.


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